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Finlay's practice deals with the intersection of human consciousness and technological development through communication infrastructure. Powergrids, telephone lines, radio and internet transmit information and are visible anchor points for unseen forces. Through the process of constructing non-functional communications methods, Finlay has shifted the purpose of these objects from direct, active connection to spatial and cognitive transfers of information. His practice manifests as installations of wire grids, networks of timber and digital processes that the viewer must physically navigate. The element of interaction between the viewer and space is a core tenet of Finlay’s sculptural practice, whether it be through the physical disruption of movement, or the occupation of the electromagnetic field through transmissions of sound and data.

Rather than these works being active within their own networks and series, human interaction and perception serves as the means of activation and transmission.

Curriculum Vitae



Bachelor of Fine Arts

National Art School

​Majoring in Sculpture and working within the field of Expanded Drawing - Focus on manipulating space and technology around audience movement and interaction - Study of Art History and Theory in relation to significant artistic movements




National Art School Grad Show

National Art School 

Exhibition featuring the graduating Bachelor of Economics cohort of 2023. Sculptural works AAA, 2023, were shown across multiple space, alongside the work POWERLINE, 2023, which was selected to be installed within the drawing gallery. 



Fruit Salad Exhibition

National Art School Stairwell Gallery

Group exhibition featuring other artists from the National Art School Sculpture department



Global Oneness Project, Student Photography Competition - Winner

The Global Oneness Project Student Photography competition, Earthrise, prompted contestants to document their place on the planet in reference to Astronaut William Anders' photograph Earthrise, 1968. Finlay Tease was one of two winners selected to represent Australia's landscape and culture



  • Exhibited works publicly for NAS Neo, hosted at the National Art School

The work AAA, 2023, was displayed to the public in an outdoor setting. The work responded to architecture and the interaction of the public with the space. 

  • Sophia Street Activation Project

Working with a group of other artists and local businesses to create a series of public artwork and installations within Sophia Street, Surry Hills, Sydney/Eora

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